Etched Glass – A Contact of Magnificence on Windows and Doors

Glass etching has been around for generations. It is a technique of building models or art on glass surfaces by making use of acidic, corrosive, and abrasive supplies. In the 1650’s, diamond point engraving was made use of on mirrors to achieve the etched layouts. Then, copper wheel engraving (an set up technique in Holland and Germany) turned preferred in which the glass is reduce with a copper wheel or disk, rotated in a lathe (or shaping machine), whose edge is loaded with abrasive powder suspended in oil. In the 1920’s, a mildew-etch system was invented in which the designs ended up etched in the mould so the artwork was directly transferred to the glass floor.

These times, businesses like Deco Window Films identified a simpler and quicker way to style and design glass with the traditional etched styles by recreating artwork on vinyl movie that can be conveniently put in, taken off, and reused.


Home windows are a commonplace that numerous barely give them extra than a passing glance. They are there for a practical goal like letting the light in all through the working day and they also serve as a way for you to see the earth exterior.
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Windows do all that and more but that does not mean they can’t be used to make a easy component of your property seem stylish. Etched glass window film is the remedy. Rework home windows into operates of artwork with layouts that assortment from floral, conventional, geometric, present-day, and some others. You may perhaps also select films to cover your home windows totally or partially based on your choice. You can also decide on designs to decorate the middle, corners, and borders of the windows.


There are times when even doorways operate more than just thresholds to and from the home. Numerous properties have glass doors to make rooms more roomy or to let the gentle in. You can realize both with out sacrificing type. Use etched glass movies to provide ordinary glass doorways to a new stage of magnificence. There are exclusive designs like banana leaves and palm fronds that can make you truly feel as if you are in the tropics.

Other Uses

Etched glass window movies are not for home windows and doors alone. You can actually utilize on it on any smooth and nonporous floor these types of as Lexan plastics (a trademark for a model of polycarbonate resin thermoplastic) and plexi-glass. This means you can set the etched glass movies on tables, mirrors and shower doorways to give them an instantaneous facelift.

The border and corner patterns are great for mirrors while the center layouts are best for glass eating tables that do not need to have extra decorations to make them look more festive. Moisture will not have an impact on the etched film so you can use it to adorn the glass outdoors your shower stalls. The film also offers you additional privateness.

Window films-irrespective of whether etched glass, frosted window movie, or some other variety-are fantastic improvements to make the glass surfaces in your house search incredible. The best issue about the etched glass window movie is that it is a more inexpensive substitute to creating your home windows, doors and other glass furnishings search stylish and refined.