Company RedSun Tours offers 3-day, 2-day and one day shore excursions in the city of St. Peterburg, Russia

Come and enjoy a professional and exciting tour of the city of St. Petersburg. The tour
will be guided by our experienced and fun guides. You can enjoy a variety of
excursions in St. Petersburg. Also, our company can customize for you any shore
excursions in St. Petersburg.

At any time you need, you can leave our cruise, if you want, we will create the desired
schedule. We will also help you with the registration of a foreign visa.

We are happy to develop for you a tour of St. Petersburg, which will be tailored to your
tastes and interests. Also, we will create a plan on which everything will take
place.If you adored this write-up and you would certainly such as to obtain additional info relating to kindly go to our web site.

If you know about some interesting places and want to visit them on a tour, let us know and
we will try to add this place to the list of places we visit.

The cost of the tour already includes services such as: visa, transport, guide, location
and more.

We have a very good choice, you will be able to find a schedule suitable for time and

Below in the list will be listed those places that we visit on the tour:
Novgorod town,
Yussupof palace,
Pavlovsk palace and park,
Russian museum,
Catherine’s palace and park,
Tickets to a Folk show, ballet, concert or opera,
St. Peter and Paul’s fortress and cathedral.