Which is the Easiest Language to Learn?

Learning a new language is like opening-up a new culture in your life. But if you want to learn a second language, you might want to ask yourself which is the easiest one to learn. Determining the easiest language to pick-up could be a tough task because there are so many different factors that need to be considered. Several factors to look at may include what is your native tongue and what other languages are related to it, do you other ethnic groups you are exposed to and have exposure to their language, the time you have to devote to practice, the grammar complexity of the language, and your desire to learn that particular language. All of these factors are important to you in determining which language would be the easiest language for you to learn. According to some surveys, here are some of the more easy languages to learn:

English: There is no doubt that this is the easiest language to learn since it is everywhere. It can be heard, absorbed, and used just about anywhere in the world. The ease of learning this language may be due to its simplicity and the abundance of grammatical rules that are present in many other languages.

Spanish: This language is said to have the most straightforward grammar that is familiar and ordinary. The grammar and pronunciation is easy. Its words and their rules can also be spelled out easily. It can also be heard everywhere and is used widely. This makes this language much easier to learn, especially for American and many European people. Another factor is the availability and abundance of learning materials, or the widespread opportunities that comes with the use of the language on regular basis. The only problem noted is that Spanish people talk fast. And I mean very fast. One can get lost while trying to understand. But other than that it is a great language to learn.

Italian: Aside from having no cases, it also has very easy and a clear pronunciation of its words. Its grammar rules are similar to that of Spanish. It also has a very clear vocabulary. Italian skills can easily be translated to French or Spanish because they all have the same root language base. It can be heard in opera and classical music which makes it a very fun language to learn.

French: It has a more complicated grammar structure but is not difficult to acquire since most of its words are also in the ロゼッタストーン It has sixteen tenses and its grammar is a little twisted. It also has a very specific pronunciation that makes it a little more difficult when comparing it to the Spanish language.

Portuguese: It is one of the most widely used languages in the world and it is often overlooked. Its grammar and vocabulary are both familiar, even though its phonetics may require a greater focus for you to get used to it.

These are number of things for you to look at in deciding which one of these languages would be the easiest languages for you to learn. It may even differ from person to person depending on all the other factors. When you are ready to learn a new language, all you need to do is to narrow down the choices by considering some of the above factors.