Why Did My Ranking Fall? 10 Reasons Your Site’s Search Engine Ranking Dropped

Search motor targeted visitors is one particular of the most worthwhile and qualified sources of visitors due to the fact people today typically believe in web webpages which garner a single of the top spots in their search motor of alternative. It can take a ton of time in link making and creating your social look for name on social networks.

If your lookup engine targeted traffic disappears overnight, then devoid of currently being adequately diversified in the sorts of site visitors you faucet, you can discover you up the creek with no paddle. This is why I preach the value of website traffic diversity.

But why did your position suddenly drop? This article will glance at ten of the most common causes for why your ranking can vanish seemingly out of nowhere.

The Google Honeymoon Finished

If you have a somewhat new internet site which is only a couple of months previous and you observed that you had been making the most of soft rankings for a great deal of that time until now, it is really most probably the final result of the Google Honeymoon. This is the phrase for the phenomenon exactly where a new web page enjoys high rankings for a shorter interval of time ahead of slipping to its far more real looking position.

Google Sandbox Result Started out

The “Google Sandbox Influence” refers to the outcome where new sites get dropped in the sandbox shortly after getting created. You might enjoy those wonderful rankings because of to the honeymoon or one more phenomenon quickly, but afterwards you are dropped in the sandbox which is like a punishment for new web pages just for being new and unproven. In this situation you need to stick to reduced competitiveness search phrases, developing good content, and seeking for higher authority incoming inbound links to demonstrate your price to Google to get you out of the sandbox quicker than later.

Algorithm Updates/Website link Juice Shed

Likely the most popular purpose your web site disappeared is due to a modify in the lookup engine’s algorithms. Research engines are regularly updating their algorithms which dictate where by web pages rank for key terms in the search motor results web pages in order to keep issues clean and make sure that the finest content material is held at the best. Even if your web page isn’t staying instantly afflicted by an algorithm update, websites which you get a lot of your back links from could be which can diminish the amount of website link juice which you have right away, so your rating will likely fall with it.

Most not too long ago the Google farmer update, also recognised as the Panda Update, slapped the affect which information farm websites (sites with large amounts of sub par content with an emphasis on amount in excess of quality) experienced in the look for engines, so content material farms as well as the thousands and thousands of internet websites acquiring hyperlink juice from them had been severely afflicted practically overnight.


If your internet site is the target of malware and Google detects malware on any of your pages, it will notify and alert any possible visitors in the SERPs who click on on your site right before they really get to your web page. Quite handful of folks will continue after looking at these kinds of a warning (would you?), so this can account for a Large drop in traffic and can dissuade not just the everyday world wide web consumer but other website owners who would perhaps backlink to you or even those people who have previously connected to you to break those back links. This naturally can have an adverse impact not only on your targeted traffic but your rankings in a rather shorter time period of time.

Server Issues

If Google simply cannot access your server since of problems with your host or on your stop, this can result in a issue if remaining unfixed soon after a period of time of a number of times. I use GoDaddy for my web hosting and have hardly ever had an issue in 5 years, pleasant!

robot.txt File Challenges

Make guaranteed you will not have any bonehead issues in your robot.txt which may perhaps be prohibiting lookup engine crawlers from accessing particular pages of your website. If that takes place all of a sudden, you can locate your rating drop, so make guaranteed you are only blocking the URLs you will not want crawled with that file.


Your internet site could have been penalized without your even knowing it if you broke Google’s policies. Steer obvious of black hat Search engine marketing methods to make certain that you are not penalized.

Broken Backlinks

Damaged backlinks can bring about critical problems, especially if it is really a well known interior link on your web-site. It can be time consuming/not possible to test every of your one-way links manually, so I use a free plugin with WordPress referred to as Damaged Url Checker which offers you a heads up as shortly as it detects a damaged hyperlink on a single of its common checks.

Replicate Information

Research engines like Google dislike duplicate content. This is in particular legitimate when it happens on the exact website, but it can be an problem on different sites, as very well. Not only does this irk Google, but when it finds duplicate content in two or far more destinations on-line, Google is forced to make up its own intellect about which is the accurate authentic written content to index in its look for motor, and it may well not generally be in your finest interest to exactly where it’s your website which gets the credit score, irrespective of regardless of whether you set that information on your site initially or not so this can have adverse consequences on your rankings in a couple of means.

Why not do a free of charge search on CopyScape to see if anyone has copied your duplicate with no your permission.

The Google Dance

The Google Dance refers to the phenomenon of web pages randomly jumping all around distinct spots in the SERPs, sometimes considerably. Of all of these good reasons, this one particular is the the very least able to be defined obviously and rationally. Normally if the Google dance is the perpetrator for your rankings drop, the excellent information is you can regain your increased rankings soon.
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It can be just a random shuffling and fluctuation of listings which typically would not past extended.