International union MP Foundation pronounces the plan of creating a network of dental clinics around the world

They will be equipped with the latest technologies and equipment as well as professional doctors. Canada, USA, Georgia, and some European countries are the countries where the first clinics will be built. The author of this cooperation is Mikhail Peleg, a professional doctor who is keen on creating concepts based on people`s needs.

High-tech technologies and advanced equipment are the main concern of the stomatology clinics. International union will keep in touch with any updates of their equipment and technologies as well as knowledge that many scientists extract from researches. The treatment that is provided for the customers by MP Foundation are:

-Medicinal treatment and prophylaxis of caries at children and adults in order to maximally save teeth;

– Using best implants installation of new teeth and jawbone.

-Cure of gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis that are inflammation and purulent diseases;

-Installations of the newest bracket-systems that allows to correct bite and drastically change a smile by laser correction.

– all possible dental diseases therapy, gums and tooth roots;

– Various combination of crowns and implants, plus extension of teeth.

To remove bad feeling about dental treatment MP Foundation offers best tech such as: ultrasound, laser equipment, titanium implants, best anesthesia. All these allows to avoid bad experience from curing your teeth.

MP Foundation`s specialists believe that dentistry has to be affordable for everyone and all the fears and anxiety have to disappear. That is a dream of Mikhail Peleg, people have to be fearless when they come to treat their problems and not live with them